Data Catalogue

All visitors to the ASSDA Data Catalogue can browse and search the catalogue, view study and variable documentation (including frequencies) and download related material (questionnaires, codebooks, etc). Registered users can also analyse and visualise most data online and users who have completed the relevant undertaking form(s) can download entire studies or subsets of variables in a range of formats (see Accessing data).

Other data sources

Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFs)

A large amount of Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) micro data are available to staff and students of participating Australian Universities, through an agreement made with the Australian Vice-Chancellors Committee. These are available as CURFs and are listed on the ABS website. Overseas users may also apply if they have a close and ongoing relationship with a participating Australian university. For ANU access to these files, Contact ASSDA. People from other universities should visit the ABS website.

Inter-Consortium for Politial and Social Research (ICPSR)

ICPSR, based in Michigan USA, is the largest data archive in the world and holds much American and international data. ACSPRI members can access ICPSR data without charge. To request ICPSR data, please Contact ASSDA.

International Data

ASSDA can help Australian users to locate and access international data. See Links links to multinational and international data sources, including the websites of other national data archives.

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