Census of Population and Housing 1971: Collection District Master File

What is the CDMF?

Dimension of the data set

Record structure and Field Data Code Groups

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What is the CDMF?

The Collection District Master File (CDMF) holds a record for each collector's district (CD) in Australia with information which:

(a) allows the aggregation of CD data to higher level geographic areas without recourse to elaborate recoding procedures; and

(b) facilitates comparisons with previous census data.

Each CD record contains linkage to the 1966 Census field reference and includes basic counts and associated higher level geographic codes. Counts include the number of occupied and unoccupied dwellings, the number of males and females, and the number of non-private dwellings.

Dimensions of the data set

The CDMF contains 21 531 logical records (CDs). Each logical record on the Master File contains 29 variables and has a record length of 200 characters.


Record Structure

The format and content of the records is given below. The file is sorted in State by census division by census subdivision by CD order.


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