Census of Population and Housing 1971: Tabulation SP056

What is tabulation SP056?

Dimension of data sets

Record structure and details of classifications

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What is tabulation SP056?

Tabulation SP056 contains 8 files, one for each State and Territory. Each file gives counts of persons in the workforce in the cross-classification Section of State by Age by Birthplace by Qualifications by Parents' birthplace by Schooling by Industry by Occupation and occupation status by Class of dwelling and walls by Kitchen/bathroom by No. of vehicles by Sex. Each record of the data file contains a count of the number of persons in one cell of the tabulation.

Dimensions of data sets

Tabulation SP056 consists of 8 data files, one for each of the six States and two Territories. The number of records in each file are:

	New South Wales			1119883
	Victoria			862160
	Queensland			435938
	South Australia			332629
	Western Australia		316834
	Tasmania			114120
	Northern Territory		30462
	Australian Capital Territory	49556

The record length is 22 characters.


Record structure

Each record of the file contains information on one cell of the cross-tabulation, giving indicative values and a tally for the cell. The indicative values are the group codes of the characteristics which define a cell in the table. The tally is the number of persons counted in the census with that combination of characteristics. Cells with zero tally are omitted from the table.


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