Census of Population and Housing 1971: Tabulation SP122

What is tabulation SP122?

Dimension of data sets

Record structure and details of classifications

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What is tabulation SP122?

Tabulation SP122 gives counts of persons aged 5 years and over in the cross-classification 1966 Residence by 1966 Section of State by 1971 Residence by 1971 Section of State by Period of residence by Birthplace by Sex by Age group.

Dimensions of data set

Tabulation SP122 consists of 1 data file of 140 530 records. The record length is 17 characters.


Record structure

Each record of the file contains information on one cell of the cross-tabulation, giving indicative values and a tally for the cell. The indicative values are the group codes of the characteristics which define a cell in the table. The tally is the number of persons counted in the census with that combination of characteristics. Cells with zero tally are omitted from the table.


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