Census of Population and Housing 1971: Special Fertility Tabulation

What is the special fertility tabulation?

Dimension of the data set

Record structure and details of classifications

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What is the special fertility tabulation?

The special fertility tabulation gives counts of currently married women in Australia at the 1971 Census in the cross-classification Section of State by Occupation status by Current issue by Level of schooling by Period of residence by Age of youngest child by Occupation of spouse by Level of schooling of spouse by Age of spouse by Age at marriage by Occupation by Age by Birthplace/religion. Married women classified as visitors to Australia, migratory and those with current issue not stated are excluded. Each record of the data file contains a count of the number of married women in one cell of the tabulation. The total number of married women included in the tabulation is 2 642 262.

Dimensions of data sets

The tabulation consists of 3 data files, which combine to give the total population. The total number of records is 2 193 163, with a record length of 22 characters.


Record structure

Each record of the file contains information on one cell of the cross-tabulation, giving indicative values and a tally for the cell. The indicative values are the group codes of the characteristics which define a cell in the table. The tally is the number of persons counted in the census with that combination of characteristics. Cells with zero tally are omitted from the table.


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