Census of Population and Housing 1976: Local Government Area Descriptor File

What is the LGADF?

Dimensions of data set

Record Structure

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What is the LGADF?

The Local Government Area Descriptor File presents coded descriptions of geographic indicatives for every Local Government Area (LGA) in Australia. The records for each LGA include geographic area codes for State, Statistical Division, Statistical Sub-division (or District), LGA, LGA-Section, Section of State, State Area Locality, 1976 area in hectares, 1971 population and dwellings data, and geographic area name.

Dimensions of data set

All LGA Description information is held on one Australia- wide file sorted by State x Statistical Division x Statistical Subdivision (District) x LGA x LGA Section.

There are 8 different record types, each 120 characters in length. The total number of records is 4304.

For some basic information about the way Census 76 was planned, designed, executed and processed, information on the person and dwelling characteristics included in statistical output and some guidance to other census products, see Making Sense of Census 76.


Record structure

The structure of each LGADF record is as follows:

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