1971 field code

A six digit numeric code (two digit Census Division, two digit Census Subdivision, two digit CD) allocated as follows to 1981 CD records:

1. For CD's which are comparable i.e. which have remained unchanged for the 1971, 1976 and 1981 censuses, the 1971 code is transferred directly.

2. For 1971 CD's which have been split into parts or have undergone other changes, the 1971 code has been taken from any one of the relevant records on the 1976 CD Master File.

3. For CD's which are non-comparable and not in the above categories, the closest approximate 1971 field code has been transferred across. In this case, the 1971 field code is only a guide to facilitate the location of the position of the 1981 CD on the 1971 field maps.