1976 LGA code

These are the principal tabulation units used in the publication of census data. They correspond in all but a few instances to legal LGA's as defined at 31 January 1976. The exceptions are:

(a) some very minor areas for which boundary changes were received too late for implementation. These changes involve nil or very minor populations;

(b) the City of Brisbane, Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory, which are divided into statistical areas and treated as LGA's for census purposes.

Census LGA's are numbered consecutively in alphabetical order within each State or Territory. Names and associated codes are available from the 1976 LGA Code List (2118.0), 1976 Microfiche Batches 76.001 and 76.002, or the 1976 LGA Descriptor File.

The code ranges for 1976 Census LGA's are as follows:

New South Wales			001 - 219
Victoria			001 - 216
Queensland			001 - 289
South Australia			001 - 137
Western Australia		001 - 142
Tasmania			001 - 052
Northern Territory		001 - 042
Australian Capital Territory	001 - 093

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