Confidential CD

This is a one digit numeric code to distinguish between ordinary and confidential CD's as follows:

	Ordinary CD = code 0
	Confidential CD = code 1
	Receiving CD = code 2

NOTE:	(a) Most persons and dwellings figures for confidential CD's are set to
	zero. (But see the note for field 20.)
	(b) A receiving CD contains its own original persons and dwellings values plus
	values from the confidential CD(s) it has received.
	(c) CD's which had zero population and dwellings counted in them at the census
	are not confidential CD's.

Where the receiving CD and the confidential CD have different geographic indicatives (e.g. study area code postcode etc), both CD's retain their original indicative information, but the data for the confidential CD now added into a receiving CD with, for example, a different postcode, will be reported against the postcode of the receiving CD.