Urban centre code

This is a five digit code which is assigned alphabetically to each urban centre and bounded rural locality within each State. The code list used for allocation of locality codes is based on an updated version of the 1966 locality tabulation. Initially, in 1966, codes started at 00010 for the first locality in each State and progressed, in tens i.e. 00010, 00020, 00030, etc.

For the 1971 Census,and subsequently for the 1976 and 1981 Censuses, localities that had to be added were given intermediate codes, e.g. 00015 where only one was inserted and 00013, 00015, 00017 etc., where more than one was inserted. The aim was to leave sufficient space in the code list to allow more codes to be inserted at subsequent censuses while maintaining a consistent alphabetical code within each State.

For a complete listing of urban centres and bounded localities and their codes, see the 1981 Census publication "Geographic Code List" (ABS Cat No. 2141.0).


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