1986 Census Matrix Search

Matrix tables are aimed at meeting the special needs of users requiring large amounts of detailed statistical data. They give a count or tally of the number of people, families or households in each cell of a cross-classification of a large number of census characteristics. The extent of detail in the tables is constrained by the likelihood of identifiable information being released, which is dependent on the geographic level. Thus very detailed information is available for large populations such as capital cities, States or nationally, and limited detail is available for smaller geographic areas such as local government areas. In addition, the tables have been subjected to slight random adjustments of numbers in small cells.

Each Census characteristic is represented by a 3-character alphabetic mnemonic (see below). Each characteristic may, however, have a variety of classifications, and each classification version is represented by a 2-digit numeric code added to the mnemonic. For example, BPL01 shows 99 categories of country of birth, whereas BPL30 shows only "Australian born", "Overseas born" and "Not Stated" categories.

This catalogue allows you to:

  1. IDENTIFY tables containing characteristics of interest from the 180 or so tables produced from the 1986 Census.
  2. Check the classification versions and examine frequency distributions for each variable.
  3. If, after checking the available tables, you wish to obtain a copy of the table for analysis or require a printed output from any table, contact the ASSDA by e-mail specifying your exact table needs.

Select one or more characteristics - eg OCC, IND, AGE, SEX - and click on "Search" button. Use "Reset" to clear any previously selected search fields. A list of tables containing ALL of the selected characteristics will be shown.

A AGE Age ALS Age left school
ANC Ancestry
B BPF Birthplace of father BPL Birthplace of individual
BPM Birthplace of mother BPP Birthplace of parents
C CIT Country of citizenship  
E ENG English language - use of  
G GDO Geographical division  
H HST Houshold type
I IMI Internal migration indicator IND Industry
INC Income
L LAN Language spoken at home LFS Labour Force status
M MST Marital status  
N NOC Nature of occupancy  
O OCC Occupation  
P PER Period of residence in Australia  
Q QAL Level and field of qualification  
R REL Religion RLC Usual LGA of residence - 1981
RLO Usual LGA of residence - 1980 RLV Usual LGA of residence - 1976
RSC Usual state of residence - 1981 RSO Usual state of residence - 1980
RSV Usual state of residence - 1976  
S SEX Sex STU Full/Part time student
T TYP Type of education inst attend


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