DDI Index

DDI Index is a Java/Javascript application that provides indexing and searching of XML files created in DDI (Data Documentation Initiative) format. Searching and indexing is done using the Lucene search engine library. DDI Index was written by the Australian Social Science Data Archive in 2006 and is distributed under the Apache license.

DDI Index runs on a Java/Java Server Pages server such as Apache Tomcat or JBoss. Users access the application via a standard web browser.
Some of the features of DDI Index include:
  • Users can search and browse a hierachical data catalogue
  • Word stemming - a search for "ageing" matches "ageing", "aging", "aged" and "age"
  • Synonym matching - a search for "gender" matches "gender" and "sex"
  • Thesaurus creation on certain fields during indexing - users can select from the thesaurus when searching the field
  • Most popular datasets list
  • Saved searches
  • Filter results by dataset
If you would like to see DDI Index running go to http://search.ada.edu.au/ .

Browser compatability

DDI Index should work with the following browsers:
  • Internet Explorer version 6.0+
  • Firefox version 1.5+
  • Opera version 9+
  • Safari version 2+
DDI Index will probably work with other browsers, however they have not been extensively tested.

Download DDI Index

Download Latest DDI Index Bundle
  • Enhanced release with Bookmarking, Authorised Download and OpenID Integration.
Download Latest JOID War
  • OpenID war file for use with version 1.05 of the DDI Index.

Previous Releases

Download Previous DDI Index Bundle
  • Maintenance release with an Improved Interface.
Download Original DDI Index Bundle
  • The original standalone version.

General Enquiries: ada@anu.edu.au
Web Enquiries: webmaster.ada@anu.edu.au