How To Deposit Data

In the course of their normal research work, many social scientists already prepare their data in a form that would be suitable for depositing at the Australian Social Science Data Archive. There are 4 simple steps to depositing your data:

STEP 1: Collect together all the data files

You may want to think about:
  • confidentiality - removing variables like peoples' names, addresses and phone numbers. We will let you know if we find something that we think is a risk
  • created variables - if they are important to replication of your work, can you provide the syntax that created it? If you can't describe how you created them, is it still important to archive them?

While we prefer SPSS portable, ASSDA can handle most data formats. If you're not sure, please contact us. Please try to supply the data with variables names no greater than 8 characters. If variable names are longer than 8 characters, ASSDA staff will need to rename/shorten them.

STEP 2: Collect together all the relevant documentation

You may want to include:
  • a questionnaire and any other materials used like show cards
  • a survey report
  • any publications you want referenced in the documentation
It saves us a lot of time if you can provide these materials in electronic format where possible.

STEP 3: Fill out the forms

We have provided a Deposit Form and a Licence Form to assist us in archiving your data. These forms will also assist you in getting your deposit together. The only form that is essential is the Licence Form as it gives us your permission to archive the data. We will contact you if we find there is further information that we need to create complete documentation. The other information you provide will determine the level of processing we give it.

STEP 4: Send the data, documentation and forms to us

There are a number of ways to transfer your deposit:
  • by post - your electronic files can be copied onto CD-Rom and mailed to us. It's a good idea to let us know that it is coming so we can let you know when it is in our care. It is good practice to password-protect / encrypt data files that are sent by post
  • by email - for smaller data files, it might be easiest to email the data to us
  • by FTP - to transfer larger files, please contact ASSDA so we can provide you with a secure, password protected site for you to use


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Deposit Forms

One set of these forms should accompany each data set deposited at the Australian Social Science Data Archive. Please email the Deposit Form and post, fax or email a scanned copy of the signed Licence Form. See Contact us.

  1. Licence Form

    This form determines how the data and associated materials may be used after they have been deposited at ASSDA. If the conditions on the Licence Form do not meet your requirements or you find the legal terminology confusing, please contact ASSDA.

  2. Deposit Form

    The information on this form will be used to write a standard ASSDA study description and catalogue entry for your data set. The details will be important in enabling future users to understand the data. It also asks for details of all files that are being deposited and will be used by ASSDA staff for reading and checking the files.

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